Firm Resources

Our greatest resource is the combined talent and experience of our team members. The firm's professional team brings together excellence in technical expertise and years of combined experience in civil and geostructural engineering, and construction monitoring, in the Northwest. Our core professionals and affiliated consultants include:

  • Enayat S. Aziz, PE - Principal Civil and Geostructural Engineer

  • Gauss Azami - Director of Surveying
  • Charles Veolker, PE - Affiliate -Structural Engineering,
    Voelker Engineering
  • Donald W. Tubbs, Ph.D. - Affiliate - Engineering Geology,
    Tubbs Geosciences

Enayat S. Aziz, P.E. has over 23 years of experience in geotechnical, geostructural and civil engineering in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. His professional experience covers extensive design, engineering studies, expert testimony, project management, and contract administration of complex projects with construction costs of over $10 million. Mr. Aziz has directed many diverse projects leading to successfully completed developments with significant cost or time savings for the clients. As the lead engineer and President of AZIZ Northest, Mr. Aziz has directed several successful master plan residential developments in the Puget Sound area and in Anchorage, Alaska through all levels of permitting, from concept plan to finished project. During the first 10 years of his career, Mr. Aziz served as a municipal engineer for the Municipality of Anchorage. With his thorough knowledge of jurisdictions, codes, specifications and industry practice, he guides the firm's technical analyses, project management, and total quality management system.

Charles Voelker, P.E. (Consultant to AZIZ Engineering Company) has over 14 years of experience in the structural design of concrete, masonry, steel and wood for industrial, commercial and residential structures. His work experience includes high-rise concrete and steel structures up to 20-stories in height. His design experience for the first seven years included pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete bridge girders, pre-stressed and post-tensioned slabs and the design of various pre-stressed concrete components for buildings and bridges. Among his notable assignments are the design of Dallas Galleria Shopping Mall (3-story concrete structure), a 12-story parking garage in Houston, the Municipal City Plaza in Houston (10-story parking garage) and the design of eye girders for Arizona Department of Transportation for up to 150-foot spans. More recently, Charles Voelker has been engaged in the design of PT slabs for VSL Corporation and pre-cast concrete retaining wall systems for the Nelson Wall System. He has also been engaged in the design of soldier pile shoring walls, tilt up constructions, post-tensioned concrete slabs, parking structures and the design of retaining wall systems for the recently completed I-405 "S" Curves realignment.

Donald W. Tubbs, Ph.D. (Consultant to AZIZ Engineering Company) has 25 years experience in engineering geology, applied geomorphology, geologic hazards evaluation, surface water hydrology and groundwater hydrology. His 1975 Ph.D. dissertation on "Causes, Mechanisms and Prediction of Landsliding in Seattle" was one of the earliest regional geologic hazards studies in western Washington. He has held faculty positions at Michigan Technological University and at the University of Kansas, where he taught courses in hydrogeology, environmental geology and engineering geology. Dr. Tubbs has been the principal investigator and project manager for studies involving material resources, surface water and groundwater hydrology, erosion and sediment transport rates, foundation and slope-stability problems, and landslide-hazards mapping. His consulting experience includes mapping of geologic hazards for King and Snohomish Counties, and for the Cities of Edmonds, Lake Forest Park, Redmond, Renton and Tukwila.

AZIZ Engineering's technical support resources are on the leading edge of computer aided design and drafting, and automated field data collection/conversion technologies in civil, geotechnical and geostructural engineering and in construction surveying. There is a PC station for every engineer and designer in our office, and hardware resources, such as a high speed laser printer, are shared using a network system. Our senior designers are also trained in other design systems, and we are well prepared to adjust to a variety of computer applications as necessary to facilitate project needs.

We use our computer system in all design phases, including:

  • project management

  • geotechnical and geostructural engineering
  • survey data conversion and generating topographic base maps
  • design of roadway geometry
  • construction drawings and specifications
  • quantities estimates from drawings.

We use Land Development Desktop 2000, and the latest Microsoft Office and Access data management systems for all of our design/drafting tasks. We use this software to interface to other hydraulic and structural design programs. The following is a brief description of the in-house computer equipment that is regularly used in the firm:


  • Design workstations for each engineer/designer

  • Digital laser printer/plotters
  • PC network system


Our software library includes general engineering design programs for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis such as HEC-1, HEC-2, KYPIPE, ILLUDAS and WaterWorks; Microsoft spreadsheet, word processing and database management software for general office use; AutoCad (Release 13) with Softdesk civil engineering/surveying modules and a digital terrain modeling package for design/drafting; Microsoft Project and Harper Shuman CFMS for project management; and a host of general purpose structural programs with static and dynamic analysis capabilities such as RISA-structural frame, ADAPT-post-tension slab, etc. for bridge and structural design. Our engineers have developed numerous in-house programs ranging from spreadsheet applications to Visual Basic compiled Windows based programs for MSE design and precast concrete design and fabrication. The firm continually upgrades its software platform to suit the project needs.