The firm's professional team brings together specialized technical expertise and years of combined experience in civil, geotechnical and geostructural engineering, and construction surveying in the Northwest.

AZIZ Northwest's past performance embraces both small and large projects ranging from the Smyzer residence drainage system on a lesser scale, to the Potter Creek master plan development in Anchorage, Alaska, the Orting River Shores master plan development in Orting, Washington, and major involvement in the construction of the Seattle area I-405 and I-5 freeway improvements. The latter include sound barrier walls, structural earth retaining walls, freeway alignment adjustments and construction surveying. Across the scale, these projects required challenging and innovative engineering solutions.

The Smyzer residence along the Snoqualmie Valley, now completed, needed a drainage system to allow development of a valuable view property situated along steep sensitive slopes with zero downstream drainage tolerance. Potter Creek, now a first-class hillside development in Anchorage encompassing more than 1,500 acres of steep topography, involved complex design elements for access, drainage, water supply and distribution, and sanitary sewer service extension. Orting River Shores, with its first phase now partially completed, encompasses over 900 acres between two major river systems adjacent to an old town, with a different set of challenges involving a flood control study, annexations to the city and a comprehensive environmental impact statement. For Interstate 405 (Bellevue to Bothel), we designed and prepared fabrication plans for some of the complex precast concrete freeway sound walls, and we adjusted portions of the freeway's horizontal and vertical alignment to fit or improve local conditions. This phase of WSDOT's I-405 widening project is now complete and functioning well.

The following are brief descriptions of some of our recent projects:

111th Ave NE Failed Rockery Wall Replacement, City of Kirkland

This project, completed in 1997, involved a 20 foot high rockery protecting a 30 foot high slope that had suddenly failed. AZIZ Engineering provided emergency response to review site conditions and was selected to perform the project geotechnical study and design, perform location and topography survey, and prepare the preliminary and final design and contract documents. This project involved very difficult site conditions, a limited budget, and urgent need. After exhausting more expensive alternatives, we completed the project by re-aligning the street with a new MSE retaining wall, storm drain and sidewalk improvements.

Eaglemont Golf Course, Mt. Vernon

Our firm's project responsibilities included the structural design and specifications for 7 bridges and 28 retaining walls, including 2 super-span plate-arch structures. The plate-arch structures utilize earth-fill steel reinforcement to improve design load capacity and facilitate construction safety. Our firm performed all the structural design work for Eaglemont, and also provided construction-phase services to the developer. This project involved extensive

use of welded-wire-reinforced retaining structures using marginally compatible structural fill material due to availability problems, which required extensive engineering to ensure their integrity.

Construction-Phase Surveying and Design

We were recently engaged in the construction surveying of WSDOT's Interstate 405 (Tukwila to Factoria) and SR522 in the Seattle eastside area for Tri-State Construction Company and Scarsella Brothers, Inc. These projects are now complete. During these projects, we demonstrated our ability to quickly respond to highly technical and complex design deficiencies, requiring quick field judgments and a complicated chain of coordination and authorization work.

Since the early 1990's, we performed the construction surveying for 57 miles of SR 395 new freeway extention, SR 97 widening, Yakima Gateway interchange on SR 82, and a number of other interchange and local highway improvements in eastern Washington, and SR 84 in Oregon. Construction surveying for these projects made clear the importance to construction of quality design and clear and concise project specifications. The hands-on experience of interpreting and implementing previous design work, while continually working together with construction engineering teams on practical field solutions, will be invaluable to our clients and enables us to devise time and cost saving solutions in our future design projects.

MSE Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments

We have been responsible for the design of more than 1 million square feet of mechanically stabilized earth, MSE, retaining walls and bridge abutments.

These projects encompass Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho for both the DOT and private development clients. We have designed some of the largest and tallest MSE walls in the nation, from the Potter Creek canyon back to back concrete panel bridge walls in Anchorage, to numerous Hilfiker style concrete panel and welded-wire MSE walls.

Some of the examples are the I-90 Bellevue access concrete face bridge abutment and the I-5 / SR 104 Nile Temple Golf Course welded-wire MSE wall. We have also been instrumental in the design and construction of the first MSE supported multi-plate steel arch bridges at Eaglemont Golf Course community in Mt. Vernon, Washington. We have developed our own Windows based software for the design of MSE structures for various applications.

Potter Valley Road

Our design of Potter Valley Road in Anchorage, Alaska made a prestigious hillside community possible.

We also performed construction engineering and erosion control for this four-mile municipal hillside collector street with several hairpin curves. This project included numerous retaining walls, including a 140-foot span bridge made of MSE back to back walls with an arch tunnel to provide for a stream and walkway crossing. We gained rich experience from this project in hillside and cold weather design such as icing control and massive slope stabilization design.

Precast Concrete Sound Barrier Walls

AZIZ Engineering was responsible for the design and layout of several miles of freeway precast concrete sound and traffic barrier/sound walls for WSDOT's recent I-5, I-405, I-90, SR 169, and SR 526 freeway widening projects. We provided the structural design, wall layout geometry, design surveying, construction staking and precast concrete fabrication plans for these walls. We developed sophisticated in-house Windows® based software for these applications.

Earthfill Geotechnical Evaluation,
Port of Seattle Piers 27/28

This project for the Port of Seattle involved the geotechnical feasibility analysis of a planned earthfill between Piers 27 and 28 affecting the adjacent pier structures supported on friction bearing pile groups. The analysis was completed with favorable recommendations using state-of-the-art geotechnical computer models for evaluating lateral pile loading.

Perigrine Point Hillside Development

We designed Perigrine Point, a residential community situated along the steep westerly hillside of the Sammamish Plateau in King County, overlooking Lake Sammamish. Our scope of services for this project included redesign of a previous subdivision, design and preparation of construction plans for streets and utilities, and structural design and construction inspection of a large underground detention vault to fit within very confining property limits on a hillside. We succeeded. Our design incorporated steel sheet piling coupled with structural steel and reinforced concrete to design the underground detention vault. Perigrine Point is now a prestigious neighborhood and we are proud of it.